Dr. Key Travels the World for the Latest in Cosmetic Regenerative Medicine

Last month, Dr. Key traveled to Paris to attend the 2013 International Masters Course in Aging Skin (IMCAS) World Congress. He gives us the inside scoop on what’s hot and current in reversing the signs of aging.

“Opening of the Congress, at the Palais de Congrés, and the lines are enormous. Even though everyone has preregistered, everyone must still register for their ID badges. So we deal with long lines, but it is great standing in line with scientists, trade people, and other physicians, from really all over the world. And I mean world, really so different from our U.S. meetings. Why did I choose to come to Paris for this meeting? Because, I have really been searching for where do you go to learn what the new edge of beauty is, and that has become this once a year meeting in Paris, IMCAS. This meeting, because there is an explosion of knowledge going on in the prevention of aging and how to best treat it, it’s not just that we are leading in the U.S. (“the states”) because, yes we are, but its really happening everywhere. And the range of great speakers is amazing! The speakers are from everywhere…Hong Kong, Brazil, Israel, England, the USA, and of course, France.

What’s HOT Thursday at the IMCAS in Paris – Where to inject and what to inject with are the hot topics. Amazing demonstration of lifting the brows, yeah, brow and lid lifting with microcannulas and filler, with with an animated dialog in heavily French accented English. Non! N’est ce pas, Botox®! Not Botox®, but fillers! A kind of revolution is going on, and it’s got to do with two things: 1) most important is the use of something, which is just now catching on, microcannulas. These look like needles, but just aren’t. They’re round at the ends, so the chances of bruising are less. 2) The use of thinner and larger amounts of filler. And Wow! what great results.  And best yet, I got to speak from the floor the next day and talk about our results at Key Laser in Portland. Both with microcannulas and, something new to the Europeans, who have a much larger choice in which fillers to use. I talked about the way we almost customize our fillers (Restylane®, Perlane®, or Juvéderm®) to each patient by dilution.”

More to come on this exciting meeting next week!

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