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Dr. Key Travels the World – ThermiSculpt Expert: ASLMS Presentation Part 1

Last month, Dr. Key traveled to Boston to present at the annual conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery(ASLMS). He had the very prestigious honor of presenting his findings from the ThermiSculpt trials he has conducted at Key Laser. ThermiSculpt is the latest and one of the most effective skin tightening treatments that is now available. Dr…. Read More

Dr. Key Travels the World for the Latest in Cosmetic Regenerative Medicine

Last month, Dr. Key traveled to Paris to attend the 2013 International Masters Course in Aging Skin (IMCAS) World Congress. He gives us the inside scoop on what’s hot and current in reversing the signs of aging. “Opening of the Congress, at the Palais de Congrés, and the lines are enormous. Even though everyone has preregistered, everyone must… Read More

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