Go for the WOW! The Latest Use of Facial Fillers

What’s hot right now?! Turn up the volume! Look at a picture of your younger self. What do you see? You probably see a slightly fuller face. That is the natural shape of beauty. YES! Fat gives you that natural fullness and lift of youth. As you age, you lose fat in your cheeks and temples. This makes you look older. And, no, a facelift is not the answer. Fat gives our faces structure, definition, and youthful shape. How do you get your youthful groove back? You get to choose! One choice is a hyaluronic acid filler like Juvéderm®®,Perlane®®, and Restylane®®. Or you can use your own fat through the LipoGraft procedure.

We at Key Laser give our patients what they need most – enough of a correction to really make a difference. So, patients have been getting 4 or more units of their favorite filler. They’re loving it! It’s not the lips. Lips are important but they don’t define aging. It’s the cheeks and temples. They give structure to a youthful face. That is why more is better. Our patient, Sarah recently said,“This is the most important thing I’ve done since I come all the way from Bend. Dr. Key creates subtle but effective, beautiful changes.”

Dr. KeyShellie, and Jessica have also been using the latest technique – filling with micro-cannulas. Dr. Key investigated this hot new treatment when he was in Paris for the 2013 International Masters Course in Aging Skin. “It is a lot easier and not nearly as painful as regular needles,” exclaimed Gloria. “I was going out, listening to music the next evening!” Another patient, Leslie, was treated with 4 units of filler and said she was thrilled beyond belief. “My husband thought – wow! What a difference!” Get your own WOWs with our More WOW! for Less special below.

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