“All Me—ALL Natural”: Turning back the hands of time with ALMI.

When it comes to maintaining our looks and achieving the appearance of beautiful healthy skin, who doesn’t want to hold back the hands of time? The desire to recapture and hold onto our youth is universal and with ALMI, restoring that youthful glow has never been more attainable—especially for patients considering fillers or injections who want a natural alternative for skin and facial rejuvenation.

I like to give my patients a choice. Even though you may be looking for similar results as someone else—a more youthful appearance, even skin tone, fewer lines—I know there is no one size fits all when it comes to beauty treatments. Fillers that may be right for one patient may not be right for you. With ALMI, I am able to offer another option to bring out your natural beauty and visibly turn back the hands of time.

You may ask what makes ALMI so different than other treatments? Well, for starters, ALMI is a natural nonsurgical process that uses the body’s own cells and fat to restore skin tone, volume, and texture. Because your own tissues are used, the risk of side effects or complications is minimal, making ALMI an ideal treatment to erase the signs of aging. You can rest easy knowing that no synthetic materials are used and your body’s own regenerative process is restoring your skin and facial features of your youth.

The ALMI procedure is also relatively quick with zero down time and the results are immediately visible—improved skin tone, smoother texture, and increased elasticity—even in sensitive areas around the eyes and lips. Volume is also immediately restored, helping to return the face to its natural youthful shape. I tell my patients to go ahead and plan that party because there will be no need to wait to show off the “new and improved” you!

The best part of the ALMI process is that my patients continue to see gradual improvements over time. By using the body’s natural regenerative process, patients experience long lasting results far superior to previously available treatments. ALMI not only restores the collagen and elastin in the skin but encourages long-term collagen rebuilding, resulting in even fresher, tighter, and firmer skin as time passes. With ALMI, you are not just turning back the hands of time; you’re stopping time in its tracks!

ALMI is another excellent option I am able to offer my patients that allows for a truly customized personal experience.