Beyond Botox®: Your Complete Guide to Injectables

So you’ve tried Botox®, and you love it! Fewer wrinkles with no downtime, what’s not to love? But Botox® isn’t the only injectable treatment available. Just like you found out when they discontinued your favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream (RIP, Wavy Gravy), there are other options out there. Let’s move beyond Botox® and explore Read More

Be Summer-Ready Sans Surgery. Choose Non-Invasive Treatments Instead.

Summer’s coming in HOT. Is your body ready? Most of us can use a little help in the summer preparation department. The good news is, you don’t have to go under the knife to get the bangin’ beach bod of your dreams. Come into Key Laser today and start enjoying a gorgeous summer tomorrow! Injectables Read More

So Long, Double Chin—Introducing Kybella®

Are you having selfie self-consciousness? Snapping those shots can be very discouraging when you have a double chin. The good news is, you can eliminate that double chin—no surgery needed. Stop worrying about finding the right angle and get the sleek profile you’ve always wanted. Ask us about Kybella®! What Is Kybella®? Kybella® is the Read More