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Why ThermiTight May Be Your Answer for Tighter Skin

Once the skin on your face, neck, and arms begins sagging, the only solution is to go under the knife – or is it? Today’s aesthetic treatment options include nonsurgical enhancements that have significantly impacted cosmetic medicine. ThermiTight is one of these treatments. It involves an electrode system that warms target tissue beneath the skin… Read More

Tackle Loose Skin with ThermiTight

Even by following a healthy, low-stress lifestyle with a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and plenty of sleep, we can’t stop the aging process. Premature skin drooping due to weight loss, genetics, environmental damage, or simply the passage of time leads to the slowing down of our collagen production and skin elasticity loss. Skin slackness is… Read More

Feel Confident This Spring in Short Shorts: 3 Treatments for Silky Smooth Legs

Spring is just around the corner, and with it, a call to ditch jeans and tights for sundresses and short shorts. Feeling a little less confident than normal donning your spring wear from last year? You’re not alone. At the Key Laser Institute of Portland, our expert specialist offers a wide array of treatments that… Read More

Tighter From Top To Bottom With Thermitight

Enhance your body with Thermitight! This minimally-invasive procedure will help lift and tighten skin across many areas of your body. Interested? Contact us for a consultation or call us at 503-291-1953.

Top 3 Frequently Asked Questions on Skin Tightening

Skin tightening procedures can improve a wide variety of skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, and acne. With many different treatment options, skin tightening procedures can treat areas on the body such as the face, eyes, thighs, and more. To help patients further understand skin tightening procedures, Key Laser Center created this helpful infographic… Read More

Smart Technology in Skin Tightening

We are so excited to be ushering in the next generation of skin tightening technology. Scientists and doctors have been pondering the same questions for a long time. How do we make treatments safer? How do we make them more effective? The answer is to make them “SMARTER”! Technology has risen to the challenge with… Read More

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