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How To Transition Your Skincare From Winter To Spring

After months of colder weather, Spring is almost here. Winter has left the building (almost), taking with it our gloomy moods and itchy, dry skin. And while we’ve spent the first three months of 2021 layering balms, serums, and oils, temperatures are on the rise, as is humidity. This shift in weather means our skin… Read More

Caring for Your Skin While Wearing a Face Mask

Although a face mask can play a vital role in preventing the spread of COVID-19, it can also be hard on your skin. A face covering can cause a range of skin issues, including itchiness, rashes, peeling, and acne. To help with these problems, our team at Key Laser has devised a list of helpful… Read More

5 Things Even Smart People Get Wrong About Sunscreen

We all know using sunscreen is practicing proper skin care. It helps us look young and fresh and decreases the risk of skin cancer. But with the warnings out there and the myriad of products available, many people still seem to be misinformed about protecting themselves against dangerous UV rays. Here are five things the… Read More

How to Transition Your Skin Care Routine From Winter to Spring

Say goodbye to winter and embrace the warm weather! Temperatures are rising, and it’s time for spring-cleaning. Now’s the time when we organize the garage, rearrange closets, and put the house through rigorous dusting, scrubbing, and vacuuming. It’s also time to step up the protection plan for our skin by transitioning from our winter routine… Read More

The Latest Advancement in Skin Rejuvenation: PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin)

They say a beautiful face is marked by the passage of time and a life well-lived, but let’s face it, nobody really wants laugh lines, sun spots or crepey skin! Lucky for us we live in modern times and have access to modern aesthetic medicine that only continues to get better. Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)… Read More

Our Favorite Fall Skin Treatments to Reverse Summer Sun Damage

Summer is winding down and fall is in the air! Yes, we love the sunny days spent outdoors, but honestly, our skin could use a break! Regardless of how much sunscreen you wear—and I surely hope you do every day—outdoor summer fun takes its toll. So, as the season shifts to cooler weather, now is… Read More

How to Achieve Your Best Results? Combination treatment!

We all know one size does not fit all. Never is this more apparent than with personal skin care! One treatment regimen that may be the perfect solution for your best friend might not yield the same results for you. This should come as no surprise – after all, we are each unique and should… Read More

SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum® – A “Must Have” Product for Skin Rejuvenation.

One of the most common concerns I hear from my patients is about the fine lines and wrinkles that appear on the face, neck, and chest as we age; followed closely by uneven skin tone and texture. Of course, you might say these signs of aging are inevitable, but there are great products you can… Read More

The 3 Best Anti-Aging Skincare Hacks for Flawless Skin

The secret to lifelong healthy, younger looking skin begins now! Master these three simple hacks and your skin will stay in shape forever:  Protect, Correct, and Repair. Effective skincare begins on the surface level or outside of the skin with topical agents such as sunscreens, antioxidants, and moisturizers. Going deeper, correction of fine lines and… Read More

Skincare for that Morning After

So you’ve committed the “cardinal sin” and fell asleep in your makeup. A makeup free face allows your skin to repair itself at night so it can fight off aging free radicals during the day. You may wake up to a dull skin tone, brittle lashes and in the worst case scenario, a breakout.  We… Read More

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