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Before SmoothShapes
After SmoothShapes

Courtesy of Vivian Bucay, MD

Before SmoothShapes
After SmoothShapes

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Reshaping Your Look and Your Life

There's a reason you have had so much trouble smoothing out that discouraging, dimpled cellulite from your legs, thighs, and even arms. Cellulite treatments are only effective when they can address deep-tissue layers — at-home skin treatments in Portland and even a healthy diet and exercise just aren't able to create a smooth look. Fortunately, Key Laser Institute for Aesthetic Medicine now offers SmoothShapes™, a revolutionary new cellulite treatment that dynamically corrects the appearance of cellulite through combined light, laser, and massage therapies.

Women and men in the Pacific Northwest choose the Key Laser Institute's laser skin care center in Portland, Oregon for cutting-edge treatments that integrate laser, light, and ultrasound-based therapies to improve skin and body health while renewing and revitalizing your look. To find out more about our full range of safe and effective treatments, call today at 503-291-1953 or toll free at 800-459-6677, or request a confidential consultation with Dr. Key.

SmoothShapes™ Video

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Correct Cellulite at the Source

SmoothShapes has become one of the biggest names in cellulite reduction for good reason: unlike "typical" cellulite treatments, SmoothShapes' unique technology combines a variety of noninvasive approaches to treat cellulite directly, at multiple levels. SmoothShapes is a top choice in cellulite reduction because it fosters the natural processes that not only give you a dramatically smoother, firmer look, but encourage healthy skin and a healthier, more confident you.

SmoothShapes' laser-based skin care in Portland effectively removes cellulite by treating the factors behind your lumpy, bumpy look. SmoothShapes' highly precise pulses of laser and light energy target and liquefy fat, while the vacuum massage enables the liquefied fat to move out of the fat cells, and be transported to the body's lymphatic system. Fat cells become smaller, collagen is rejuvenated, and there is better circulation throughout the treatment area. The result is smoother, tighter skin. See what to expect from the treatment with this SmoothShapes video.

Your procedure at our laser skin care center in Portland will involve some mild discomfort comparable to what you might experience in an intensive massage, but most patients find the warmth and pressure relaxing. The treatment may take no more than half an hour per area, and skin warmth and reddening will disappear within hours, so you can get back to your typical activities immediately.

Your individualized treatment plan will require separate sessions spaced out over a few weeks for optimal effect. The number of sessions will depend on the extent of your cellulite. You will typically see your belly or thighs continue to smooth over the following weeks, as your skin continues to remodel collagen and more efficiently manage fatty deposits.

Get answers to your questions, and find out how you can get smoother, healthier skin and flatten your tummy and slim your waist and thighs with SmoothShapes. Call Dr. Key today at Key Laser Institute for Aesthetic Medicine toll free at 800-459-6677 or in Portland, Oregon at 503-291-1953. You can also email the Key Laser Institute to find out more or to request a confidential cosmetic consultation.