Sculpting & Weight Loss

Sculpt a sleeker shape without surgery

Every day we meet with patients who want to get rid of the fat. They point to their belly or lament about love handles, muffin tops or bra fat. Despite best efforts with diet and exercise, this stubborn fat remains.

We know that even a small amount of extra fat can weigh you down emotionally. That is why we offer several noninvasive options, such as the freezing power of CoolSculpting, the targeted fat specific energy of Vanquish to eliminate fat safely and permanently without surgery or downtime. Move beyond liposuction with ThermiTight, which combines fat removal with skin tightening. These options alone or together will target unwanted fat and help sculpt the slimmer shape you want.

Effective Treatments for Stubborn Fat

Even endless hours of crunches designed to target those love handles and the tummy don’t always work. Some people are just predisposed to fat deposits around the abdomen. If that sounds like you, then you know that no matter how hard you exercise and watch your diet, stubborn fat remains.

Dieting is great, but it just shrinks those fat cells; it doesn’t get rid of them. And it certainly doesn’t get rid of the loose skin that remains after weight loss. For stubborn fat non-invasive body contouring treatments are the safest and best options. CoolSculpting targets unwanted fat cells, without surgery, causing them to break down and leave your body. To target loose skin we recommend a series of tightening treatments to achieve that flat tummy you crave.

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