Fight Off a Turkey Neck

“Of all the things that make me look older, my neck bothers me the most.”

The turtleneck. The scarf. These are the common tricks for someone self-conscious about their neck. Over time the jawline and neck fall prey to sagging skin and loss of firmness. The result is the dreaded turkey neck or heavy jowls that make the face look tired.

Fighting aging doesn’t need to be about the “knife”. It can be about re-growing our natural collagen through regenerative medicine. We have multiple regenerative choices for the neck and underchin. Go deeper with subsurface skin tightening and fat removal with ThermiTight, or non-invasive tightening and lifting with ThermiSmooth or FDA-cleared Ultherapy.

At Key Laser you are choosing the latest advances in non-invasive technology combined with our skill and artistry.

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