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Did you know that over 95% of women have cellulite? And 100% of women want to get rid of it!

Cellulite affects women differently. It doesn’t come in one size or shape or appear in one particular place on the body. There’s no simple fix for the dimpling either. When treating cellulite, we evaluate several factors such as the amount of excess fatty tissue, the internal fibrous banding, fluid retention and finally, looseness of skin.

There is no permanent cure for cellulite at this time. If you’ve tried everything to get rid of cellulite you know that creams, wraps and supplements don’t work. Cellulite demands serious treatments and, so do you.

We can improve the appearance of cellulite with collagen building and skin tightening treatments such as Cellfina and ThermiTight. These options can create tighter arms and legs and get you comfortable in shorts again.

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