Feminine Vaginal Rejuvenation


Key Laser Center for Cosmetic Regenerative Medicine is among the first physicians’ offices selected to offer ThermiVa – a non-surgical, breakthrough treatment for feminine vaginal rejuvenation.

What is Feminine Rejuvenation?

Feminine or vulvovaginal rejuvenation restores the appearance of the labia and tightness to the vaginal canal.

Who is ThermiVa™ for?

Women choose vaginal rejuvenation treatments for their own personal reasons. ThermiVa™ was designed for women who want the safest and most effective option for:

  • Reclaiming control of their bodies and sex lives after childbirth, weight fluctuations, aging and other medical conditions that caused the muscles of the vagina and surrounding tissues to stretch and become lax;
  • Relief from the physical discomfort of stretched or enlarged labia or reviving their youthful look and feel through the most precise treatment for tightening, smoothing and increasing the thickness of the skin; or
  • Restoring their confidence and sexual satisfaction through enhanced sensation and appearance.

What can ThermiVa™ do?

ThermiVa™ uses the science of heat to smooth and tighten the shape and thickness of skin resulting in a more youthful appearance. Heat and energy shrinks skin and tightens external and internal vulvovaginal tissue. The application of radio frequency results in new collagen growth and tighter, younger looking skin.

As with Thermi treatments for eyelidsmouthneckabdomen, breast, thighs and now – labia and vaginal tightening are really about renewal.These radio frequency energy treatments creating a healing responsewithin the skin and muscle to rebuild collagen and elastic tissue, increase blood vessels for better skin nourishment and, even, stimulation of nerve enhancement.

Empowerment and Women’s Health

Studies have shown feminine rejuvenation is about women’s health – even as it relates to restoring appearance. However, it can still be a sensitive and private subject to talk about – even with friends. There shouldn’t be a stigma to these topics and women should feel empowered to ask questions and make their own decisions.

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The ThermiVa™ Treatment Experience

Radio frequency energy is applied to the vulvovaginal area during the painless 15-30 minute non-surgical procedure. The vulvovaginal tissue is gently heated with a hand piece and disposable applicator designed for comfort. Immediate results can be seen after one treatment, but three separate session over 3-4 months is recommended for the most effective and dramatic results. ThermiVa™’s effects last 9-12 months and annual treatments are recommended for maintaining results.

At Key Laser your privacy and comfort are of utmost importance to the entire team. Please feel free to send us any questions you have or book a free, private consultation to determine if ThermiVa™ is right for you.

Is ThermiVa™ right for you?

  1. Has childbirth or natural aging affected your sex life or sexual satisfaction?
  2. Do you experience urinary leaking or urgency?
  3. Have labial or vulvovaginal issues affected your confidence or comfort?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, ThermiVa™ may work for you. Contact us to schedule a private consultation. 

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