Dr. Key Travels the World for the Latest in Cosmetic Regenerative Medicine – Part 2

Here’s more from Dr. Key when he was in Paris for the 2013 International Masters Course in Aging Skin:

What’s Hot on Friday. Fat, the hidden filler and how to do it better! Fat as a “filler” isn’t new. I worked in Paris with Pierre Fournier, the father of liposuction and all fat grafting, so to speak. And with Roger Amar, who radicalized the concept of the  fat grafting thinking of adding volume, not just by adding fat into fat, but by adding fat into muscle to fill the structure of the face. What’s new is that you don’t have to use that much fat. Think smaller, you don’t have to get there is one treatment, but you can take steps to build the right amount of volume and structure. We also discussed fat transfer and platelet rich plasma together!

P.S. One last comment about meetings being all fun and no work…these sessions start by 8am, Paris time. That’s really quite early, 9 hours difference to West Coast time in Portland, Oregon. They do break from 12:30-2:00 for le dejuner – lunch, all stops -then we take off like a freight train until 7pm, the end of the last session.