Female Intimate Wellness: A Simple 4-Step Approach

Discussing your vaginal and urinary health can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.  However, it is a very important subject.  The female genitourinary area can change dramatically after pregnancy/childbirth and again during the years leading up to menopause.   Symptoms of dysfunction in this area can include urinary incontinence, sagging external/internal tissues, frequent vaginal infections or urinary tract infections, dryness, loss of sensitivity, painful intercourse, and other sexual problems.  These symptoms can really affect a woman’s quality of life and self-confidence. Many women neglect to seek treatment for these bothersome symptoms either due to embarrassment, lack of awareness of treatment options, or fear of surgery as the only option available.  Fortunately, thanks to advanced technology and scientific progress, we now have many options to assist our patients with intimate female wellness.  Here at Key Laser Institute, we have a 4-step approach to intimate wellness.  Each of the steps are introduced briefly below.  Which steps are right for you?

ThermiVa is a quick, noninvasive, in-office treatment that utilizes radiofrequency energy to heat the vaginal and vulvar tissues.  The heat stimulates collagen rebuilding in these areas, which results in tissue tightening.  Additionally, this reparative energy is thought to stimulate new blood vessel formation and cause growth factor infiltration that ultimately revitalizes the elasticity and moisture of the vaginal lining. In 2015, Allinsod1 conducted a study on ThermiVa with remarkable results.  All 23 women treated with ThermiVa experienced a tightening result immediately after the first treatment with a significant change in their vaginal laxity at the second treatment visit.  A great improvement in sexual satisfaction and a decrease in urinary incontinence was also noted.  Initially, three treatments are typically done in a series, spaced every 4-6 weeks, with a maintenance treatment given every 6 to 12 months as needed.   Patients typically report a very tolerable sense of warmth during the treatment and can return to their normal activities immediately afterward. ThermiVa has many satisfied customers- so many, in fact, that it was recently named a 2019 “most worth it” procedure by

vFit Plus is an at-home noninvasive device that uses patented red light technology, heat and sonic vibration for improved vaginal wellness.  After using vFit Plus every other day for 6 weeks, 95% of users felt improved intimate wellness and 89% felt more confidence with intercourse and improved sensation with intercourse.  The at-home use of this device is a wonderful complement to ThermiVa in-office treatments, in office PRP enhancement, and hormone optimization, but could also be used as a stand-alone treatment initially if desired.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) represents a relatively new approach in regenerative medicine. It is obtained from a patient’s own blood and contains different growth factors and other biomolecules necessary for tissue repair.  PRP can be used for vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation which often results in reduced urinary incontinence symptoms and enhanced sexual benefits.  The vast majority of women who get this procedure note improved libido, increased clitoral and vaginal sensitivity, stronger and more frequent orgasms, decreased urinary incontinence, increased vaginal lubrication, decreased pain with intercourse, and an increased ability to experience vaginal orgasms.  The procedure itself is relatively quick and surprisingly tolerable.  Topical numbing cream is utilized prior to the procedure.  After the blood is collected, the PRP is prepared, and the patient is numb, we deliver the PRP to the vaginal wall and clitoris using two external injections.  You may see results immediately, but it is more common to see results after 3 weeks, with maximal results at 10-12 weeks after the procedure.  Occasionally, women may need more than one treatment, but once results are noticed, they typically last for 1-3 years post-treatment.

Hormone optimization is the final piece to our intimate wellness puzzle.  Testosterone is often neglected as a useful hormone in women’s health but is critical for improved libido and ability to orgasm.  Estrogen also plays a very important role in vaginal health by keeping the area lubricated and improving elasticity.  Hormone shifts related to perimenopause can cause other symptoms such as poor sleep, poor mood, anxiety which can further affect libido and sexual satisfaction.

Disorders of the thyroid gland have been linked to low libido in both genders and with painful intercourse for women.  We assess women for hormone imbalance using a comprehensive blood panel, then create an individualized treatment plan for each patient, designed to reduce symptoms and improve well-being and longevity.

Key Laser’s 4-step approach to intimate wellness includes ThermiVa, vFit Plus, PRP enhancement, and hormone optimization.  Each one of these is important in your journey to intimate wellness, but may not be appropriate for all patients.  Schedule a free consultation with one of our highly knowledgeable staff to learn more about these options and to develop a plan that is just right for you!


1Alinsod R.M. Temperature controlled radiofrequency for vulvovaginal laxity. PRIME J. 2015

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