Smart Technology in Skin Tightening

We are so excited to be ushering in the next generation of skin tightening technology.

Scientists and doctors have been pondering the same questions for a long time. How do we make treatments safer? How do we make them more effective? The answer is to make them “SMARTER”!

Technology has risen to the challenge with smart skin tightening using Thermal Imaging Monitoring (TIM). What that means is that doctors are now able to dispense heat energy during a treatment and see the heat energy through an infrared camera, at the same time.

We think it’s the most important advance in aesthetic medicine this year. The combination of heat energy and smart technology creates skin rejuvenation. We offering it in the new treatments called ThermiSmooth and ThermiTight.

Here in our clinic Dr. Key has performed over 100 ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth treatments. In addition, he has published a study of the safety and efficacy of the treatments in the February 2014 issue of the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology.

“This is the future of skin tightening,” says Dr. Douglas Key. “It not only tightens the skin from the surface, but it also tightens the deeper collagen below to lift and tighten the skin without surgery.”

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