Vanquish & Vanquish Flex

Non-Contact Body Contouring

Vanquish and Vanquish Flex are the first and only non-contact body contouring treatments. The cutting-edge technology targets fat cells by delivering multipolar radiofrequency energy directly to the fat cells without overheating the skin, muscles or internal organs. The treatment causes the natural death of fat cells (apoptosis), which are removed by the body’s natural filtering process.

Areas of Concern

Largest Spot-Size Targeting

The state-of-the-art panel technology offers the largest spot-size targeting in non-invasive body contouring treatments. A single session is able to cover the abdomen flank-to-flank.

See how it works:

Vanquish Flex for Thinner Thighs

The non-invasive, thigh slimming technology targets and destroys fat cells. The Flex applicator creates an electromagnetic field with energy flow control to reduce upper leg circumference. This treatment is able to reach the stubborn fat deposits of the outer thigh known as saddlebags. The applicator uses a 2-panel system without touching the patient directly for a safe and comfortable treatment.

What to Expect:

  • Key Laser offers Vanquish in a series of 4 treatment sessions for 45 minutes once every 1-2 weeks. Other clinics offer 4 treatments for 30 minutes. We are able to offer 50% more treatment time because we integrate Thermal Image Monitoring into the treatment session. Thermal Image Monitoring allows us to regulate the heat delivered to you and create safer and more effective treatments. 
  • During a session you will be positioned comfortably with the panel placed over your treatment area.
  • As the treatment progresses, you will feel a moderate heat sensation. Many patients report the treatment is pleasant and feels like a warm blanket.
  • Side effects may include mild redness, warmth and select areas of temporary tissue tenderness.
  • Tummies are hard to measure with a tape measure alone, so state-of-the art 3D body scanner is part of your treatment plan at the Key Laser Center.

Why choose Key Laser for body shaping & fat removal?

Key Laser is the only clinic offering these treatments with integrated Thermal Image Monitoring. Every treatment is monitored with a thermal image camera for safety and effectiveness.

Our trained medical staff will monitor your entire treatment.

Key Laser is the only clinic in the Northwest offering 45 minute sessions to provide you with 50% more treatment during each visit.

Key Laser offers several options for non-invasive fat removal. Other treatments include CoolSculptingUltraShape and Liposonix, and minimally-invasive fat removal and skin tightening with ThermiTight.

Vanquish and Vanquish Flex FAQs

Both non-invasive treatments will allow you to reduce excess fat without complex surgical interventions. Though they work differently, they have proven to be quick, safe, and effective. The primary difference is that Vanquish is a non-contact procedure, whereas CoolSculpting requires placing the fatty tissue into a specialized device that applies controlled cooling to freeze fat cells.

Vanquish employs radiofrequency energy to heat and destroy fat cells without contacting your skin. Your lymphatic system will naturally eliminate the dead cells.

Vanquish and Vanquish Flex results are not immediate, as it takes time for your body to flush out the destroyed fat cells. We ask our patients to drink plenty of water afterward to help with the process, which can take up to eight weeks.

Because dead fat cells never return, results are permanent. However, an unhealthy lifestyle will compromise your results, so it’s best to eat right and exercise to maintain your trim body.

Vanquish is a fast and efficient fat-reduction treatment. Most of our patients find the procedure quite tolerable. The number of weekly sessions necessary depends on the amount of abdominal fat you want removing. It usually takes four to six treatments to see the desired results. Your skin will appear tighter after the second session, with a noticeable reduction by the fourth session. Improvements continue for up to four weeks after the final session.

The treatment destroys up to 60% of fat cells in the treatment area. In addition, it helps skin laxity with its radiofrequency energy, a well-tested skin tightening therapy.

Vanquish is relatively painless, though you may feel the warmth from the radiofrequency energy.

We encourage continued diet and exercise following Vanquish and Vanquish Flex treatments. Excessive weight gain will allow your fat stores to re-accumulate.

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