Ultherapy Skin Tightening without Surgery

 Let’s talk about Ultherapy. First of all, I am excited about the results we are seeing with our patients – this treatment is all about skin lifting and tightening. I was an early investigator for Thermage®, and while this treatment works for many people, not all patients will see the result they want and the treatment can be uncomfortable. Real Self has a polled survey suggesting that 39% of patients with Thermage were happy with their gains, and I would say that is about right. I think the percentage of Ultherapy patients who are happy will be much higher.

Very simply, gravity is what makes the face look tired. Sure we can fill or plump up those marionette lines with injectables, but a big part of the cause for those folds is the loss of skin tightness. That’s where Ultherapy comes in it’s all about lifting the skin naturally.

So how does it work?

Imagine microbeams of ultrasound energy that focus together, under the skin. These beams converge in the collagen layer, where thousands of microbeads of energy create “droplets” of collagen repair and regeneration. It’s pretty exciting just to talk about, but really exciting for us to see.

What is treatment like?

Treatment can be uncomfortable, and that’s why I ask each patient what they use in their daily lives to make discomfort manageable. Many of our patients are using just ibuprofen (Advil), but there’s a good half at least that will want something stronger. With all of our patients we are using the Zimmer Air Cool, and this may be why we just aren’t seeing much in the way of swelling. In my office Ultherapy treatments are given by our RN’s with huge laser experience. I simply don’t believe that for your safety this treatment should be in the hands of laser technicians or anyone less experienced.

What is recovery like?

After treatment our patients leave our Portland, Oregon dermatology office and they already can see some of their results, with the best still to come over the next 4 to 6 months. Bruising is uncommon, but we have a few patients who have bruised, so I would also talk with your doctor about how you can minimize bruising. As a general rule, our patients finish treatment and can return to work later that day, if not fully by the next day.

How many treatments do you need?

The before and afters with just one treatment are impressive. We’re also seeing people who need a lot more lifting, and some of them have even had facial surgery maybe a decade ago. In their words, they say things like “it’s all gone” and “I heard about Ultherapy.” For certain patients we are saying “think about two treatment sessions, maybe three to four months apart.” This way, you can gain your improvement by allowing two steps of regenerative repair.

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