Unhappy with Your Chin? There’s a Procedure for That!

If your neck and jawline have considerable amounts of subcutaneous fat, you may be living with what’s called a “double chin.” This concern is common and affects countless patients, but it can be treated with the right cosmetic treatment.

The following treatments are designed to help you with just that!


This injectable treatment breaks down subcutaneous fat to diminish your double chin. Kybella, when injected under the chin, helps target fat cells that tend to collect under the jawline as the years pass. The treatment is quick and easy, and you can resume daily activities right after your appointment.

Results are noticeable within a month after your injections, and the fat that is removed will never come back. Most patients only require one treatment to achieve their desired results.


This skin tightening treatment employs ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production and alter the structure of the skin. Unlike other double chin treatments, Ultherapy doesn’t eliminate the subcutaneous fat when applied to the neck area; it tones underlying tissue and tightens the skin. Ultherapy is an optimal treatment for patients who have little skin laxity.


Cosmetic technology has shown us you don’t have to burn fat to eliminate it. As it turns out, freezing it will work too. Coolsculpting uses cryolipolysis to deliver cold temperatures to kill unwanted fat cells. Like with Kybella, once the fat is gone, it doesn’t return.

CoolSculpting is a highly tolerable, non-invasive body contouring procedure that works without recovery or downtime. One to three treatments are necessary, depending on the severity of the issue.


If loose skin under the chin is your biggest worry, ThermiTight may be what you need. This radiofrequency technology delivers heat under the skin to promote collagen production to tone and tighten the neck. The revolutionary treatment employs controlled temperature penetrating into the deeper skin layers for a tighter, smoother neck area and more defined chin.

Silhouette Instalift

Have you considered a facelift or a neck lift but are not sure about surgery? Silhouette Instalift uses absorbable sutures to promote a natural lift to the jowls and cheeks. These threads will absorb naturally into the body after six months. Still, you will enjoy the results for up to two years after the procedure.

Next Step

If you are serious about achieving a sleek, smooth neck that outlines your face perfectly and ridding yourself of that extra chin, you should seek the services of a board-certified dermatologist who has extensive experience in cosmetic medicine. Dr. Douglas Key, the founder of the Key Laser Institute in Portland, would love to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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