Key Laser Adds the Latest in Cosmetic Medicine

 Technological advances, scientific studies and recent FDA approvals have led to the newest treatments in our suite of services. A recent Today Show episode – “Plastic surgery without the knife is the latest trend” – covered a few of the recent breakthroughs:



Our latest non-invasive body transformation and anti-aging treatment options are highlighted below. Over the next couple of months we’ll share more in-depth information, including insights from Dr. Douglas Key on the real value and potential each treatment offers.

Can’t wait that long? No problem. Send us an email or schedule a consultation and we’ll help answer your questions. Each image below also links to treatment pages with more information.



Vanquish Flex for Thinner Thighs




BTL Industries – makers of Vanquish technology for skin tightening, body contouring and fat removal – introduced Vanquish Flex for use on the thighs and saddlebags. Vanquish Flex uses first-of-its kind technology to hover over the upper legs delivering selective radiofrequency energy to heat the deep tissue layer and kill fat cells.  

Key Laser has offered Vanquish body sculpting treatments, but the introduction of Vanquish Flex means we can expand to treat more trouble areas.



ThermiVa – Feminine Rejuvenation




ThermiVa is a breakthrough, non-invasive treatment for feminine or vaginal rejuvenation. ThermiVa uses radio frequency energy to shrink and tighten vulvovaginal tissue. The painless procedure allows women to reclaim control of their bodies who have suffered from urgency and incontinence, orgasmic disorder, vaginitis or lax tissue due to childbirth or aging. After just one treatment, women have reported life-changing results. 

Dr. Key will be speaking on the breakthrough in feminine rejuvenation at the 5 Continent Congress on Aesthetic & Laser Medicine in Cannes. Dr. Key is a world renowned expert in cosmetic regenerative medicine and combining radiofrequency energy with thermal imaging for precision, safety and effectiveness in aesthetic medicine.

Read more on our ThermiVa treatment page.


UltraShape – Easy Body Contouring




UltraShape is the first and only FDA-cleared, non-invasive body-shaping procedure that uses focused, pulsed ultrasound for selective fat-cell destruction. UltraShape has received one of the highest ratings percentages on RealSelf because the procedure is painless, leaves no visible signs of treatment and eliminates fat cells permanently. Key Laser is the first medical office in Oregon to offer the procedure.



INFINI Anti-Aging and Skin Repair




INFINI™ offers unparalleled results for tightening and smoothing photo damaged and aged skin because of an advanced technology for delivering energy to the deep dermis through insulated microneedles. INFINI™ is the only technology that delivers treatment inside the dermis. INFINI’s precisely targeted delivery of RF energy reduces the thermal damage to surrounding tissues to speed healing times and provide long term results. It works by stimulating the body’s natural healing response to rebuild collagen and your skin’s internal structure to provide long term results. INFINI™ is great for treating wrinkles, thin skin around your eyes, lip lines, laxity around the jawline, droopy brows, upper lid hooding, neck lines, sun damage, acne scarring. The results are superior skin quality, tone and texture improvement.



3D Body Scanner



We’re now offering state-of-the art 3D body scans for precise before and after treatment measurements to illustrate your results. The scan is simple and quick. Patients stand on a turntable and hold still for 30 seconds while the platform spins and the scanner captures high-resolution infrared images that capture millions of data points.



Kybella to Dissolve Double Chin


Kybella™ is a series of small injections that destroy fat cells. Since its recent FDA-approval for use on under-chin fat – or “turkey neck” – it has gained media attention around the world and been called “the biggest thing since Botox.” Because so many people have trouble getting rid of double chin fat demand is skyrocketing. Key Laser will begin offering the treatment in September.

Check out the Kybella procedure and experience of two patients recently featured on another segment of the Today Show: 





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