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Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Loss

Let’s get real and talk about hair loss. It can affect anyone at any age. “One tries to look their best…while coming and going. Guys think the backs of their heads don’t show but having a fuller head of hair does matter a lot,” said Dr. Key. “This under-discussed problem can often be more important… Read More

Dr. Key Travels the World for the Latest in Cosmetic Regenerative Medicine – Part 3 & 4

The last post about Dr. Key‘s trip to Paris for the 2013 International Masters Course in Aging Skin (IMCAS): What’s Hot on Saturday. Simply put, “PRP,” platelet rich plasma, which you, our patients at Key Laser in Portland, have heard a lot about from us. Does it work? And, yes, we are talking about that crazy U.S. branding of platelet… Read More

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